Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Full hardware Ethernet + W7100 single-chip microcontroller program

W7100 in a chip set and the 8051 standard full hardware decoding of microcontroller and TCP / IP Ethernet protocol stack.It is WIZnet traditional full-extension hardware, networking chip functionality to give users a single-chip Ethernet + master-chip choices.

See the following diagram:

Its basic features include:
· Single-chip embedded network program
· Built 8051
· Full hardware TCP / IP network protocol stack
· 10/100 Ethernet
· 64K Byte e-Flash Memory
· 64K Bytes SRAM memory

It is an extension of traditional products W5100 features and upgrades. For some users, if the processing capacity of 8051 has been adequate to meet the application requirements, then the W7100 can easily add Ethernet capabilities for these applications at the same time to replace the main chip. Both of them get the advantages in terms of price and performance.

More information can visit the product home page at: [2] = 1 & page = 1 & num = 211

Translated from Johnny Yan on 13/09/2009
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